Hornets Off-Season: No Brown or Andersen for New Orleans

Published: July 24, 2008

The Sacramento Bee is reporting today that Bobby Brown, the star of the Hornet's Summer League team, has signed with the Kings for a two year minimum deal worth a little over a million dollars.  The Hornets did reportedly make a play for Bobby's services, offering him a one year deal, but Brown had received a big offer from the European Club FC Barcelona and wanted at least two years to remain in the US.  Sacramento offered the second year, and they got him.

I'm a little bothered by the Hornets not snapping him up.  A free agent rookie-scale contract is the smallest contract someone can offer.  I know we have CP3 and Mike James already on the roster.  I know we want to re-sign Pargo, and it does seem pretty stupid to carry four point guards, but come on.  We're not going to get anyone else cheaper, and he seemed to have the potential to be a good backup in the league.

Still, if we get Pargo back, I'm not going to dwell on it.  John Lucas tore up the summer league in 2006 and had people raving about him as a great point guard prospect – and he'll probably be in europe this year, since he's getting almost no interest after doing nothing except being waived by the Rockets since that performance.

There are also reports out of Denver that Chris Andersen has signed on to the Nuggets for a minimum one year deal.  I'm sure this will also be the source of a lot of second guessing as well, but I'm fine with it.  Andersen was given a shot to produce something at the end of March, and his time on the floor reminded me of one thing from when he did play for the Hornets.  Andersen was always a great energy guy who could rebound, but he was always completely lost on the defensive end.  He was more than just lost – he was so worried about blocking shots and making an impact he blew rotations regularly in the short time on the floor – despite all of Hilton's flaws, he does at least cover the defensive end of the floor fairly well.(Still, would it hurt to corral a few more rebounds, Hilton?  Please?)

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