Hornets Draft Prospects: The highlight reel

Published: June 24, 2008

Nobody knows who the Hornets will actually end up picking with the 27th pick in Thursday's NBA Draft — and Ryan suspects they may not be picking at all — but for the sake of passing the time, here's the best YouTube has to offer on four of the most likely prospects…

[EDIT: This post was causing the site to load badly for some folks, so I took out the embedded videos and just linked to the respective pages on YouTube. Of course, these videos aren't exactly relevant anymore since the Hornets look to be trading the 27th pick.]

Mario Chalmers

6-1 point guard from Kansas | DraftExpress profile

Chris Douglas-Roberts

6-7 swingman from Memphis | DraftExpress profile

Jamont Gordon

6-3 combo-guard from Mississippi St. | DraftExpress profile

Courtney Lee
6-5 two-guard from Western Kentucky | DraftExpress profile

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