Dungeons & Hornets Part the Second: In Images

Published: June 11, 2008

Okay – I had so much fun with that last post, I decided to use my mad photoshop skillz and elaborate.  So, I present to you your Hornets Starting Five!

At Bard, 6'6" from Michigan State, Morrrrrrriiss PETERSON!!

At Ranger, 6'9" out of Xavier, David "Fluffy Nowitzki Hunter" West!! 

At Barbarian, 7'2" out of Dominguez High School, Ty-son Chandlerrrr!!!

At Sorceror, 6'10 from Serbia, Pe-ja Sto-jak-ovic!  

AND at Wizard, 6-foot out of Wake Forest, and after that last fight, the new MVP of the league, C! P! THREEEEEEEEE!

CP3 Wizard

I love my nerd-hood.

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