Know Your Hornets: Playoff Trivia

Published: May 19, 2008

If you're an old-school visitor to Hornets247, you might remember we used to throw out some trivia questions here on the regular. But then I was quizzed by police about my neighbor's missing undergarments and any kind of questioning has since proved extremely traumatic for me. But I'm nothing if not a pervert warrior, so I'll suck it up and give you guys some head-scratchers…

  1. Only one player on the Hornets current roster has ever won a Game 7. Name him.
  2. Who used the word "sensationalistic" in a proper sentence this weekend?
  3. Robert Horry's hit on David West in Game 6 brought back memories of his hit on Steve Nash in last year's playoffs. True or false: both incidents happened on May 15.
  4. Who owns the Hornets franchise record for most points in a playoff game?
  5. How many Game 7's has Byron Scott played in?
  6. What's the fascinating name of the fascinating rap album Tony Parker released in 2007?
  7. List all the players left in the playoffs who once played for the Hornets (but don't anymore, if you get my drift).

That'll do it. Rack your brains or get googling. Answers on a postcard or in the comments. No prize for the winner or anything; it's just for fun.

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