Game Day Open Thread: Game 4 – Hornets @ Spurs

Published: May 11, 2008

The Hornets will look to bounce back from their Game 3 loss tonight when they take on the Spurs in San Antonio. A win for New Orleans would give them a 3-1 series lead heading back home.

Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler double up on Tim Duncan in game 3

Stuff to know…

Game Time: 7:00pm Central.

TV: TNT nationwide.

Radio: KMEZ 102.9 FM in New Orleans and the super-fantastic WIBR 1300-AM in Baton Rouge.


I'll leave you with an excerpt from one of those above Spurs blogs, all of which I forgot to include in my news wrap this morning (oops!). Here's Aaron Stampler from Pounding the Rock

  • On the court, Chris Paul, in addition to being a wondrous virtuoso talent, is also a prick. A total, classless, bitch-ass punk. He whines, he berates teammates and officials, he talks shit, he struts, he poses, he preens, and he flops enough to make Rivaldo blush. I don't know if it's the Napoleon complex, this gigantic chip on the shoulder he's got, but I don't think it's an impossible thing to ask, for an athlete to excel without acting like a total asshole, making sarcastic comments at halftime about his opponents' accomplishments, just being disrespectful in general. I will never understand, for many superstar athletes, why the hardest thing in the world, the one missing line on an otherwise spotless résumé is to play with sportsmanship and a sense of humility.

[UPDATE] Spurs win big, 100-80. The series swings back to NOLA tied at 2-2.

Linkage: recap | box score 

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