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Gameday Open Thread: Rockets @ Hornets

Published: March 19, 2008

No preview post today, so I'm getting this gameday thread up nice and early. Hornets vs. Rockets tonight at the Hive. Let's kick it off with some imagery…

Rafer Alston is the enemy

Now I'm not saying we should shoot Rafer Alston or anything; I just really really really want the Hornets to shut him up tonight. Dude's mouth-to-game ratio is seriously heavy on the mouth side, and he seems to save most of his trash talking for us. He got into it with Tyson Chandler and Chris Paul last game, continuing his fondness for stirring shit against the Hornets (remember this?). Now, ahead of this game, he's taking jabs at David West.

The Boston Celtics get the big headlines for ending Houston's 22-game winning streak last night, but hopefully we can send the Rocks to a second straight loss this evening and reclaim sole possession of first place in the division.

Game info…

Hornets (W-L): 45-21

Rockets (W-L): 46-21

Game Time: 7:00pm Central.


Radio: KMEZ 102.9 FM in New Orleans and WIBR 1300-AM in Baton Rouge.

Linkage: AP game preview | At the Hive's Q&A with the Dream Shakeand vice versa | The Dream Shake

I hope our guys watched the Rockets' game last night, and learned a little something about defending Tracy McGrady. The Celtics limited T-Mac to just 8 points, mostly by rushing him with aggressive double teams and making him hurry the hell up. If he finds his teammates and they're hitting, fine. Let them beat you; just don't give up 41 points to McGrady again.

The good news ahead of this one is that David West is apparently feeling good and is likely to play tonight. Chris Paul should also be continuing with the MVPness since he seemed so pissed off with the loss to Rafer and the Rockets two weeks ago. I'm ready to see vengeance tonight.

Kick ass, Hornets.

[UPDATE] The Hornets quiet Rafer and the Rockets by winning big, 90-69.

Linkage: box score | recap | standings

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