Random Shizzle: Steak-eye edition

Published: March 10, 2008

Not much Hornets-related stuff on the internets as the team takes a three-day break between games. Allow me to fill the void with some shizzle…

  • As you've no doubt heard by now, CST and the Dish Network have agreed on a multiyear deal, meaning everyone can now see the Hornets on TV here in New Orleans. An official announcement was to be made today at City Hall.

    With attendance picking up significantly, the team Playoff bound, and now a TV deal finally done, I think we can safely call the Hornets return to New Orleans a huge success.

  • Everybody's favorite asshole, Rafer Alston, did the mouthing off thing against the Hornets in Houston on Saturday. He laughed at the Hornets bench when he made a big three, and had words with Tyson Chandler after the final buzzer.

    And the talk didn't stop there. Alston's words post-game:

    "I don't like them. They don't like me. They keep telling me to stop talking. I'm great at talking trash."

    Chris Paul's response:

    "I wish I could be half as good as him one of these days in the NBA, since he thinks he's so great."

    I didn't actually think Chris was capable of bad-mouthing anybody. I guess that goes to show how much of a prick Rafer must be.

  • Proving that the bad guy ain't always on the other team is our own Bonzi Wells. Just found this old GQ list entitled "The Ten Most Hated Athletes," and The Bonz checks in at number seven. Interesting story there about Wells and Blazers beat writer Jason Quick. John Reid might want to hold back on any negative stories.
  • George Shinn's son Chris makes music. Hornets Hype encourages you to listen.
  • From NBA.com's weekly stat notes

    Chris Paul had at least 20 points and 15 assists in two contests last week. He has had seven such performances this season, the same as the rest of the players in the league have combined for in 2007-08.

And I'm done.

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