Gameday Open Thread: Hornets @ Knicks

The Hornets hurt my eyes and my feelings with their performance in Washington yesterday, but today they have a chance to make amends by demolishing the New York Knicks in that city with the tall buildings and the loud people.

Chris Paul vs. Jamal Crawford

Stuff to impress your friends…

Hornets (W-L): 39-19

Knicks (W-L): 18-41

Game Time: 6:00pm 6:30pm Central.


Radio: KMEZ 102.9 FM in New Orleans and WIBR 1300-AM in Baton Rouge.

Linkage: Ryan tells everyone to shut up and play |

The Knicks have lost 13 of their past 17 games. They last played on Saturday, losing in Orlando, 92-118. Jamal Crawford is their high-scorer (20.8ppg), Zach Randolph makes great decisions, and their team chemistry is at an all-time high. Seriously, if we don't beat the Knicks tonight, I'm sticking my head in the oven. I won't have it turned on or anything, but the Hornets won't know that. They'll be feeling all freaked out and guilty for a minute.

Feel free to discuss this game in the comments below. You may use both big and little words; I love them all equally.

[UPDATE] Hornets win, 100-88.

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