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Mike James: The Angry Baller

Published: February 29, 2008

After the Hornets acquired Mike James last week, my main man Toney Blare was telling me about this insane interview dude had with SLAM Radio back in 2006, so I went and tracked it down.

You can listen to it over at

Mike James, BITCH!

Keep in mind that this interview went down just after James had wrapped up his career season, having averaged 20.3 points and 5.8 assists for the 27-55 Toronto Raptors.

You really have to listen to the whole interview to understand how awesome it is — he even busts into a freestyle rap at the end — but just in case you're in a hurry or have no ears, here are some of the best bits…

What people keep forgettin', you know, people laugh and joke because they not really payin' attention to what's in front of 'em. Because if they payin' attention to what's in front of 'em, they'd understand that every point guard that I played against in the NBA, you know what I mean, I've either outplayed them, or we've equaled each other out, throughout my career.

I'm gonna win two championships in the next three years.

I still don't get my credibility in this game, I still don't get my respect. My thing is people always say "Mike, you mad." My kid here from Toronto used to call me "The Angry Baller." People laugh at me, people joke with me. But my thing is this right here where I'm in the gym right now! I'm boxin', I'm gettin' a thousand jump shots up, right now, while everybody is in the club playin' around, takin' their sweet, while everybody is in the Bahamas gettin' rayed up and all that, gettin' rays, gettin' sun! Ugh.

Ask Steve Nash how does he feel when he play against me.

Almost as awesome is this YouTubed interview with James from late in that same season…

My favorite bit from that: I believe I'm like wine. You know, the older I get the better I'm gonna get.

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