An ode to Bobby Jackson, Marcus Vinicius and Adam Haluska

Published: February 22, 2008

Trades happen, players come and go. But before we close the book on the teal careers of Bobby Jackson, Marcus Vinicius and Adam Haluska, let's spend a minute looking back at the good times we enjoyed with these guys on the team.

Bobby Jackson is now a Houston Rocket

For me, this is what stands out when I think of the guys we just traded…

Bobby Jackson
Dude was tough and did his job like a professional. He wasn't the most consistent cat, but anybody that plays the game with broken ribs gets major respect. My fondest memory of him was January 11th this year at the Arena against Miami. He launched seven treys and nailed them all. After he hit his third we were already in an extreme state of disbelief, so you can imagine our collective mental state after number seven found the bottom of the net. Good times.

Marcus Vinicius
It was always good to see this guy on the floor. He was like the Hornets version of the human victory cigar this season. I'll always remember his 4-point EXPLOSION back on December 22nd against the T-Wolves. He got in the game late and rammed home a furious dunk with about 15 seconds left to cap a 34-point win. His wife went nuts in the crowd, as did everyone else.

Adam Haluska
Adam, we hardly knew ya. You dropped a bunch of points in a preseason game but we never got to see you try it for reals in the regular season. You seemed to have a good attitude about this whole NBA gig, always having fun and enjoying the ride. I hope it works out for you. I'll always remember you as the guy riding shotgun with Ryan Bowen, stopping to say hey at the airport. Sorry I wasn't there.

Feel free to post your favorite memories of Jackson, Vinicius and Haluska below.

[ Image courtesy of Dariusz Ejkiewicz

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