David West needs a handle (part 2)

Published: February 3, 2008

A few weeks back, we began a quest to find David West a nickname. It proved to be a popular mission and you fine readers were funky enough to make a bunch of suggestions. Some were good, some were bad. There didn't seem to be any clear way to pick a winner however, so we decided to ask David West himself.

David West, not Fluffy

My main man Toney Blare had himself a press credential for last Monday's Hornets-Nuggets showdown in the Big Easy, and had the opportunity to present our list of potential monikers to West pregame. I'll let Toney tell the rest…

When I walked into the Hornets locker, CP3 was on the floor stretching, headphones on. I said what's up, then introduced myself to DWest again.

"I'm David."

Right. So I explained that I was there on SLAM biz, but that a certain Hornets fansite of great renown, creativity, and allegiance, had asked me to relay some possible nicknames for this would-be All-Star. I held up a printout of Ron's email with the list.

"Mr. Shush?… These sound like wrestling names."

He looked some more.

"And One."

"You like that one?"

"I don't know, I guess… Fluffy?"

"Yeah, I think they're talking about your facial hair."

He laughed at that one.

"What do you think about Big Easy D-Weezy?" I asked him.

"Yeah, there's some guy who always yells that at the games."

"From up on the upper deck?"


"Yeah, he came up with that, he's a crazy guy."

We talked another minute about Kenyon Martin and a one-time college match-up, and that was about it. I headed out, not sure if he had a nickname, but proud that the reputation of Mikey SeasonTickets had spread to the innards of New Orleans Arena and the heart (sorta) of the Hornets' star forward.


Big thanks to Toney for asking those all-important questions. Kinda freaky how he predicted West to be an All-Star, too. (He wrote the above on Tuesday.) You can catch his full report of the game that night over at SLAMonline.

To wrap this up, here's the list of nicknames that were presented to West…

  • The Finisher
  • The Barber
  • The Statement
  • Stealth
  • Mr. Shush
  • The Dean
  • And One
  • Fluffy
  • Sonar
  • DX-Factor
  • Big Easy D-Weezy
  • The Who
  • Whirlpool
  • Rawhide
  • X-Pac
  • D-Spect

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