Gameday Open Thread: Warriors @ Hornets

The Golden State Warriors are in New Orleans tonight, and that means we get to welcome Baron Davis back to the Big Easy for the first time since we traded him for, well, pretty much nothing back in 2005. Of course, we done picked up the anti-Baron in the draft a few months later and now here we are sitting atop the Western Conference.

Everyone loves a happy ending.

Baron Davis vs. Chris Paul

Should be a great game today. The Gun Shot Wounds are dangerous, but Tyson Chandler and the rest of our guys seem determined to get this win and ensure Byron Scott's place in the All-Star game.

The essentials…

Hornets (W-L): 32-12

Warriors (W-L): 27-19

Game Time: 7:00pm Central


Radio: KMEZ 102.9 FM in New Orleans and WIBR 1300-AM in Baton Rouge.

Linkage: Ryan's game preview | Golden State of Mind

Feel free as always to leave your comments below before, during and after the game. Compliments on my fabulous sentence structure are also appreciated.

Update: Warriors tore us up, 116-103. Ugh.

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