The Hornets beat the Heat

Published: January 12, 2008

Since just about all of you could watch last night's game nationally televised on ESPN, I took it easy on the note taking, kicked back and enjoyed the Hornets putting an ass-whupping on the Miami Heat.

"I just blacked out. When I came to, they said I'd hit seven three-pointers."

It was a nice bounce-back from the loss to the Lakers on Wednesday. Lose by 29. Win by 26. Twas only funky to have this one on national TV, too, because right now the Heat make anybody look good (see: Jackson, Bobby), and the crowd was good and rowdy. Whoever came up with the idea of handing out those flags is a genius.

Anyway, since my hangover is still lingering and paragraphs are getting difficult, I'll just jump into bullet mode and fire out some observations from the game…

  • Julian Wright addressed the fans before the game. He was in a suit. I'm guessing he's not injured, just on the inactive list. Hang in there, rookie.
  • So Bobby didn't miss a shot all night, dropped seven three-pointers and finished with 25 points. Never in a billion years did I think he could do that. Overall, the bench probably had their best game of the season. The outscored the Heat reserves 50-23.
  • Rasual Butler was the only active Hornet not to score last night. He was really trying, too, throwing up four shots in the five or so minutes he got. This might be as low as he's ever been in his career.
  • Byron Scott baffles me. When Miami was cutting the lead to 5 halfway through the third quarter, he sat on the bench looking completely disinterested. Then, when we were up big in the final minutes, he was on his feet actually doing some coaching from the sideline. By contrast, Pat Riley was up off his 62-year old ass and coaching his heart out all game.

    I still don't get the Hornets coaches huddle thing either, like during a timeout when the players gather at the bench and all the coaches are out on the court. I think there were at least two timeouts last night where it seemed like the coaches didn't talk to the players at all. Maybe Chris Paul should be in the running for coach of the year.

  • Okay, enough of the negativity. Good to see Chandler putting up numbers after his poor performance against LA. He didn't dominate the Heat, but his 19 points were the most among the starters, and he only played 30 minutes. Miami's Mark Blount did rain on him though. Tyson doesn't like jump shooting centers.
  • I really like that Chris Quinn kid for the Heat. He could be a nice backup for CP methinks. He seems to knock down every open jumper, but he's a pass-first kinda guy. He also had a bunch of relatives at the game. Apparently Quinn is from Ohio but he has some cousins down this way.
  • Peja: 6-of-10 from the field for 15 points in 28 minutes. That'll do. Mo-Pete went 1-of-4 from the field but didn't do a bad job on Dwyane Wade defensively. Wade shot 4-of-14 from the field, finishing with just 11 points.
  • Chris Paul is my hero.

So that win puts us at 24-12 on the season. Me likey. Here's some linkage: box | recap | standings

Next up is the Wouston Wockets in Wexas tomorrow. That game tips at 1:30pm, which is like super early and stuff. Might want to stay home tonight.

In other news, Glen Rice beat up some dude that was making sweet sweet love to banging his "estranged" wife. Here's a picture of the Rices in happier times.

That is all.

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