West’s Jumper is as Soft as a Fluffy Bunny

Published: January 3, 2008

My buddy walks into my house a couple nights ago during the game against Cleveland, a big dumb grin plastered across his face, and says, "West's jumper is as soft as a fluffy bunny!"

After I had stared at him like he was an idiot for a few seconds, he finally explained that he had just heard that from one of the announcers during the radio broadcast of the game.  Being a good blogger, I immediately filed it away for the next David West specific post I made.  Don't say I never did anything for you.

To keep in line with that gloriously awful gem of a quote, I've got another batch of broadcaster quotes I've noticed over the last few games regarding West.

  • "David West likes to Kill the Grizzlies" – Memphis announcer
  • "West always seems to have big games against the Bobcats" – Charlotte announcer
  • "West always plays well against the Cavs" – Cavaliers announcer.
  • "He always seems to get up for games against the Raptors." – Toronto announcer, talking about West
  • "David West loves playing the Clippers.  He just kills them." – LA Clipper announcer.

There are a couple things that you can take from these quotes.  One is I get stuck listening to the other teams announcers way too freaking much on League Pass.  Two, the other teams announcers have finally caught on that West can really score.  Good for them, he's only been doing it for more than two years.

Now, when I first started hearing quotes like that, I'll admit I enjoyed them.  Nothing like hearing one of your teams players praised by the other side.  But now they have begun to irritate me.  I'm probably overthinking this, but to me there's a subtle subtext to all those quotes:  This guy saves his big games for our team.  Therefore, big games aren't normal from him.

I mean, think about it.  When Kobe or Iverson or Wade take the floor, the announcers don't say, "Here he comes, that guy loves to kill OUR team."  No, those players are recognized scorers.  If they drop twenty-five or thirty-five points on a team, it's par for the course.  If West does it? It must be a special event.

C'mon.  The guy's been scoring 18+ for three years now.  Can we just accept he's a good player and scorer now?  And can we get the guy enough All-Star votes that he can at least crack the top ten forwards in the West?   Let's give him some respect!

How can we not respect him? He's got a Fluffy Bunny Jumpshot!

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