The Hornets beat the Lakers

Published: November 7, 2007

Hoo-rah! Still unbeaten!

Hornets 118 – Lakers 104 … recap | box | video

Man, that was one helluva game last night. I want to have two kids right now just so I can name them after Peja Stojakovic and Chris Paul. Insane numbers. 10 threes from Peja, 21 dimes from Paul, both franchise records. Better still, we got the W.

Let's get an image in here…

Chris Paul, passing, as he's know to do

That's a 4-0 start for the second straight season. Let's just stay healthy this time, and all will be right with the world.

I could post a gazillion notes on the Lakers game, but I just don't have the time today, folks. Sorry. I'm a male stripper and it's the busy season. You know how it is.

Next up are those same Portland Trail Blazers the Hornets demolished last week in New Orleans. This time, we meet at their house and the word on the street is they won't be quite so soft. Portland might still be winless on the season (0-3), but I don't foresee the Hornets sleepwalking through them. It's our first segababa* of the season and the Blazers want revenge.

Gotta run. Hornets-Blazers this evening is set for 9:30pm Central. Relevant linkage, do your thing…

* It's what the cool kids call the "second game of a back-to-back."

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