Hornets wanted Troy Bell?

Published: October 23, 2007

I was just stumbling around the internet like a bored fool when I came across this Troy Bell interview over at SLAMonline. You might remember him from his stint at the Hornets training camp two years back. The bit I found interesting in that interview…

Slam: Who did you expect to draft you? Was it a surprise that Memphis got you?
Troy Bell: The day of the draft my agent told me I was going to go 18 to New Orleans, or that the Timber wolves would take me at #26 if I was still available.

Interesting because Bell was drafted 16th in 2003, and the Hornets ended up landing David West with the 18th pick that same year. Had the agent been told by the Hornets that they'd be drafting Bell if he was still on the board at 18? Or was he just smoking crack? I don't know; these "what-ifs" tend to fascinate me on the slow days.

Regardless, since Bell has played a total of 6 NBA games since he was drafted, I think it's safe to say that the Hornets ended up with the better player.

Full 2003 draft board.

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