NBA Blog Previews – Southwest Division

Published: October 11, 2007

Below be the linkage for ye olde Southwest Division blog previews. Note how the link to my preview has a slash in it. I'm not sure how I feel about that slash. It bugs me a little bit, but then it bugs me even more that it bugs me at all, you know?

San Antonio Spurs
Spur of the Moment
Pounding the Rock

New Orleans
Hornets 24/7
The New Orleans Hornets Fan

Shades of Blue



CelticsBlog NBA Page

Anyway, mefinds the predicted records in those previews mighty interesting. Ryan Schwan and my good self both estimated 48 wins for the Hornets. Other bloggers expect the Mavs, Rockets and Spurs to win no less than 55 games apiece, while the Grizzlies limp in last with 38 projected wins.

It be a tough division.

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