Tuesday Shizzle

Published: October 2, 2007

Some quick updates regarding that team we all love, including plenty from yesterday's Media Day. Brace yourself…

  • Tyson Chandler celebrates his 25th birthday today. Sucks to have it the first day of camp, I'm guessing.
  • Jim Eichenhofer of Hornets.com almost went and retired Mo-Pete!
  • A little worrisome these numerous reports that Peja's back is still not 100%. I mean, he hasn't played since last November and he had surgery last December. If the damn thing hasn't healed by now, will it ever?
  • Mr. Schwan does something that sounds scientific and predicts 50 wins for the Hornets this season. Yes please.
  • Bundles of pictures from yesterday over at Getty Images, complete with annoying watermark. A few more here, sans annoying watermark.
  • I was wondering why the headline read "Hornets sign four players" yet only made mention of three. Turns out there was indeed a fourth guy signed. His name is Eric Chenowith, he's 7-1, and he likes basketball.

    I thought he was a young pup but turns out he was drafted in 2001, stole Kobe's jersey, played overseas for a bit and latched on with the Bulls for a spell a year ago. More on the free agent signings at Hornets.com.

  • Those four additions brings the training camp roster to 17. If you picked number 17 in the raffle, congratulations, you've won a kettle.
  • Hornets director of corporate communications and frequent internet user Michael Thompson goes to the grassroots to promote "an aggressive grassroots marketing campaign." October 10th sounds right up my alley.
  • ABC26.com have begun posting some funky Hornets video online, and so we'll probably be linking to them from our news page every now and then. Problem is, the video links we post don't seem to work from Firefox, only Internet Explorer. Just so you know.

Done for today. 

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