Random Shizzle: Conspiracy edition

Published: August 29, 2007

Hiyo, it's Hitley. Lots and lots of nothingness still going on, so excuse me while I blow the insignificant out of all proportion. Drop your socks and grab your cocks, we're going to a party…

  • Some birthday wishes to get this rolling: The newest Hornet, Morris Peterson, celebrated his 30th on Sunday last, while David West turns 27 today. It must be pretty sweet being an NBA player and having your birthday during the offseason. That way, you can go nuts, get wasted and take a couple of days to shake the hangover. Gotta pity those poor suckers born between October and June.
  • Don't believe all that positive news about the Hornets returning to New Orleans and selling bundles of season tickets and succeeding against the odds. It's all bullshit, because this guy says so.
  • Same site, cooler dude: Tom Ziller raves about Chris Paul.
  • Tyson Chandler has been busy not playing a lot for Team USA in Vegas. He got his usual 10 minutes against Puerto Rico yesterday and managed to pull down a bitchin 8 rebounds and block 4 shots. He scored 4 points as well, just for gits and shiggles. Meanwhile, Dwight Howard, if that is in fact his real name, played 17 minutes but could only manage a weak 2 blocks and 7 rebounds. Better bench his ass, Coach K.

    Team USA is of course still unbeaten and pretty much still unchallenged in that Americas tournament thing. They may have actually won it all already, I haven't been paying much attention. Tyson's game-by-game numbers are here if you want to pore over them.

  • As you know, the other Hornet hooping it up in Vegas is Marcus De Souza aka Marcus Vinicius aka Quiznos. He didn't play against Mexico yesterday for some mysterious reason. Methinks he was either injured or just couldn't stop laughing at a funny joke long enough to lace em up.

    Like Tyson, Marcus hasn't been getting much burn in this tournament. It's become extremely evident that there's an international conspiracy going down to prevent Hornets players from dominating on the world stage. Someone call the cops.

    Brazil have lost two of their five games to date, including last Sunday's meeting with the US. See Marcus' game-by-game stats and a very small picture of his head here.

  • I've been meaning to link to this next bit forever. Tim over at The Shamrock Headband shows some love for what he calls the riverboat teams: New Orleans and Memphis. I just wish he wouldn't use the word fuck so fucking much.

That should just about do it. Good timing too, because I have this mad craving for yogurt. You know, yoghurt is made by introducing specific bacteria strains into milk, which is subsequently fermented under controlled temperatures and environmental conditions.

True story. 

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