Random Shizzle: Oriental edition

With the official announcement of Jannero Pargo's new deal yesterday, it looks like the Hornets' are pretty much done putting their roster together this summer. Jeff Bower and his cronies will probably look to add a couple of Jacksons before training camp starts, but it looks like our extended rotation is already in place. Let's take a quick look…

PG — Chris Paul, Bobby Jackson, Jannero Pargo.
SG — Morris Peterson, Rasual Butler, Adam Haluska.
SF — Peja Stojakovic, Julian Wright, Marcus Vinicius.
PF — David West, Cedric Simmons.
C  — Tyson Chandler, Hilton Armstrong.

Mmm, nothing like the smell of potential. I like to think we can win one of those championship things if everyone eats an apple a day.

Let's get to some random shizzle… 

  • SI.com's Marty Burns reckons our Hornets are the ninth-best team in the West right now. I hate to disagree with you there, Marty, but… you know… shut the hell up. I'm trying real hard to believe in the power of positive thinking, and you're negativity is just fucking with it.

    And come on, man, you've got to at least put us ahead of the Lakers. I can only name one guy on that team. (What up, Luke.)

  • "Oh, look at us, we're the Dallas Mavericks and we just signed Eddie Jones because we're pricks like that."

    Man, I hate those guys.

  • Looks like Kendall Phills (widow of Bobby) is still doing her thing. You go, girl.
  • Some interesting images of Hornets and other NBA players at this link. There's a thread about it at the HR boards, which is nice. My personal favorite is Deron Williams because he looks kinda fat.

    Quick linkage to the Hornets pics: CP | Bojangles | Peja.

    By the way, those pictures are responsible for the title. That and Yao getting married.

  • Speaking of HR, found a very cool video of Chris Paul showing off his sneaker collection to Bobbito Garcia on the boards there. Putting it right here for you funky people…

I'm outta here.

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