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Published: August 2, 2007

The NBA today released the complete game schedule for the 2007-2008 season, meaning we now know when and where the Hornets will be playing their 82.

The first two games on the Hornets' schedule will be played in New Orleans. The opener on Wednesday, October 31st, brings the Sacramento Kings to town. If I remember right, the Hornets also played their OKC opener against the Kings two years back. On Friday, November 2nd, Greg Oden and the Blazers roll into town. I'm looking forward to Tyson Chandler's battle with Oden. Hopefully TC can give the rook a rough welcome to the big league.

After those first two, the Hornets take to the road to play the Nuggets, Lakers and Blazers, after which we should be 5-0 and well on the way to that 70-win season and an NBA Championship. Oh yes.

Let's break down the schedule and see where the rough patches are…

17 games total, 10 on the road. The Hornets will play just a pair of home games during one two-week stretch, and one of those is against the Spurs! They'll play four back-to-backs during the month, all of which will be on the road. Nasty. Toughest game of the month might be November 23rd at Utah.

The month opens with a four-game homestand, and just six of the December's 14 games will be away from New Orleans. There's a very very tough back-to-back in there though: at Dallas on the 14th, followed by a match-up with the Suns at home the next night. Ouch. Looks like our guys will get to stay home for Christmas and New Year's also.

A three-game road trip opens the new year, but the Hornets have just two more away from home the rest of January. Nine of the 14 games this month will be played in New Orleans, and there's a particularly nice five-game homestand in there: Seattle, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Portland and the Clippers, all separated by at least one day's rest.

The Hornets play five of their first six on the road, which may be a really good idea with Mardi Gras in full effect. The middle of the month sees a gap in the schedule for All-Star weekend, which will of course be in New Orleans this season (February 15th – 17th). It's gonna be one fucking crazy month in the Crescent City. We'll have to shake off that hangover to finish out February with the following six: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Washington, Phoenix and Utah. Thankfully, only the Spurs game is on the road.

8 of the 15 this month will be away from home, with all but one of those road games against Eastern Conference teams. The Hornets will get their first and second look at Boston's new big three in March. The Hornets' longest road-trip of the season — six games, all in the East — also begins this month, finishing in April.

The home stretch isn't exactly easy, with four of our last five on the road. The season finale is especially nasty, with the Hornets playing at Dallas. Let's hope we're locked into a nice warm Playoff spot by then.

So that's that. I figure January is probably the easiest month, and February is probably the toughest. You never really know though until teams start establishing themselves. Also, I've only heard of two Hornets games which will be nationally televised. Those are both on ESPN: at Portland on Nov 7th and at home against Miami on Jan 11th. It looks like ABC and TNT haven't released their schedules yet.

So, any games you guys are particularly looking forward to? Personally, I can't wait for the battles with Dallas. We've really got to beat those bitches this season.

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