Queen Bees

Since there's nothing much going on with the Hornets these days, the plan for this post was to discuss the 24 women chosen as the 2007-2008 Honeybees. A large part of the plan was to pick maybe a top three or a top five, based on a variety of factors, from dancing ability to likes and dislikes to likelihood of dating a deadbeat like me.

Nice ladies

Unfortunately, all Hornets.com have given us to go on are a bunch of pictures, so I'll have to settle on judging these women by their looks. It's horrible, I know. If not for that restraining order, I'd have arranged to interview each lady individually, and really get to know each of them by asking a series of questions specifically designed to find out who they really are on the inside. You know, questions like "do you have a boyfriend?" and "can I get your number?"

Choosing a top five did prove to be tough in the end, because all these chicks are pretty damn hot. Really. My compliments to whoever picked the team. These girls could dance like Stephen Hawking and I doubt anyone would really care.

So here they are, listed below, with links to their pics on Hornets.com. I didn't put them in any particular order, because, well, I'm a gentleman.

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