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Random Shizzle: New faces edition

Published: July 25, 2007

So as the Hornets get ready for their super-fantastic return to New Orleans, we've got some new faces to welcome aboard the teal wagon. In no particular order…

Morris Peterson (!), who officially signed his four-year, $23 million contract on Monday, and will likely be strolling on court as part of the Hornets starting unit on opening night. Welcome to New Orleans, Mo. Try the fried shrimp, it's oh-so tasty.

Then of course we have Louisiana businessdude Gary Chouest (!!), who now owns a 25% share of the franchise, and therefore a small piece of my soul. I'm not sure what height he is, and he sure doesn't look to be as athletic as Peterson, but hopefully he can contribute here and there.

Chouest and Shinn, shaking hands and stuff

Finally then, we welcome some sexier and flexier people to the team. They be the new Honeybees (!!!). There's 24 ladies on the team, which means 24 potential phone numbers and 24 eventual restraining orders. has pictures of the dance team Finals, so you can go spend some quality time with those if you like.

In other news, Jannero Pargo may be going to Olympiakos, which is in Greece or Greenland or one of those places. To quote this source

"Η εξωπραγματική προσφορά των ερυθρολεύκων, έχει αρχίσει να "ψήνει" τον Πάργκο, ο οποίος φαίνεται, πλέον, να μην είναι τόσο αρνητικός στο ενδεχόμενο να μετακομίσει στην Ευρώπη και στην Ελλάδα."

Indeed. The HR boards play host to more understandable info. Methinks it's highly unlikely Pargo will head overseas. He didn't grow up dreaming about one day playing in Europe. He's all about the NBA dream.

Also in the news is one Brandon Bass, who will reportedly sign a two-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks real soon. What does Avery Johnson see in the kid that Byron Scott didn't? Should be interesting to see how Bass pans out in Texas. He seems like a good guy, so here's hoping he proves the doubters wrong.

And I'm done.

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