Random Shizzle: Post-Vegas edition

Published: July 17, 2007

People, people, people. How we doin?

Summer League is done and the Hornets did pretty good in Vegas. Well, apart from losing all five of their games that is. Hilton Armstrong and Anthony Roberson were the studs for the Hornets, averaging like bundles of points and stuff. Full scores and stats are available here.

I didn't catch ANY of the games. They were all available to watch live online at NBA.com, but my computer had too much cheese on the taco or something. Did anyone else just get a big dumb Windows Media Player animation when trying to watch the games? Same with the highlights for me.

From what I hear though, Julian Wright was pretty solid

Scouts and coaches in Vegas liked Wright's overall talent. They feel like he does several things well, as with many athletic wing players.

Actually, no, wait. He kinda sucked… 

Wright never had a breakout game like several of the players from the 2007 draft. The 13th pick was very passive and only got to the free-throw line 11 times in five games. He averaged 8.6 points and shot a pedestrian 39 percent. Wright did not really do anything to distinguish himself and needs to improve his overall game.

Damn you, conflicting internet reports!

Meanwhile, our last two second-round draft picks, Adam Haluska and Marcus Vinicius shot a combined 16-of-50 from the field in Vegas, which works out at some kind of minus percentage. Methinks we should stop drafting the guy with the most vowels in the second round.

On to some random shizzle, where everything is more structured but makes even less sense… 

  • First thing's first: The fantastic-sounding Miss Gossip interviewed Chris Paul last week, and did a damn fine job of it, too. Besides asking him about his new condo in New Orleans, his upcoming Winston-Salem weekend and Peja's chest hair, she also quizzed him about some funky Hornets blog.

    Thanks a billion, Miss G. A fictional Hornets247.com t-shirt is in the mail.

  • Mr Stojakovic and Mr. Jackson are listed among  the worst FA signings of last year. Peja nabbed a top ten spot, while Bobby will have to settle for the footnote. By the way, did B-Jax ever post another blog, or was it just that one masterful piece?
  • The New Orleans All-Star logo has been unveiled, and it's about what you'd expect. Very logo-like.
  • Desmond Mason looks set to return to Milwaukee, which is good for him. I don't think anyone was expecting him back in a Hornets uniform. Thanks for the last two years, Mase. Pity you didn't get to spend a full season in New Orleans, dude.

That be all for now. I'm sure there's plenty more to talk about but I seem to be getting spread increasingly thin these days. I wish that was some kind of euphemism for getting laid, but alas no. I'm gonna go make a sandwich.

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