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Random Shizzle: Dream edition

Published: June 10, 2007

The Finals are in full swing and I couldn't care less. I worry sometimes that if the Hornets didn't exist, I might not watch any basketball at all.

The other night I had this dream where I met two Cavaliers in my hallway: LeBron James and David Wesley. LeBron was dressed in a sharp suit, if I remember correctly. Wesley was wearing some kinda futuristic outfit, like a cross between a baseball catcher and a Starship Trooper. This seemed completely normal at the time.

Now you'd assume that I, like any other basketball fan, would be psyched to be meeting LeBron, seeing as how he's already a legend of the game and all that. But no, all my attention and questions were directed at Wesley, because this dude once played for the Hornets. I can't remember what exactly I was asking him (although Bobby Phills' name did come up), but after a few minutes LeBron got sick of playing second fiddle and split.

This may be a sign that I need to start seeing other people. Some shizzle on this fine Sunday afternoon…

  • Speaking of Wesley, there's a pretty cool piece on him by John Reid in today's Times-Picayune. First time I heard about his brother being murdered.
  • Peja Stojakovic turned 30 yesterday. Happy belated birthday and all that.
  • The Hornets are of course in the midst of pre-draft workouts up in Oklahoma City. Thaddeus Young was apparently impressive on Friday, with Byron Scott and Jeff Bower both speaking well of him.

    (Quick aside: Shouldn't BS and JB be downplaying the guys they are impressed with, so, you know, other teams won't pick them ahead of us?).

    While we're talking draftees, Nate Jones has an interview with former USC swingman Nick Young. He's projected to go in the teens. Wonder if the Hornets will mind that his last coach was Tim Floyd?

  • JR Smith got in a nasty accident out in Jersey yesterday, slamming into a car with his SUV and being thrown from the vehicle. Thankfully he's ok, but others involved have more serious injuries. Wear your damn seatbelt, kids.
  • Just caught the latest from Fletcher Mackel this morning. He thinks George Shinn would be wise to move the Hornets to the north shore. His reasoning makes sense, but I'm probably not the best person to judge. The only thing I know about the north shore is that it ain't south.

And that will do it.

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