Who’s feeling lucky?

Published: May 21, 2007

The NBA Draft Lottery takes place tomorrow (Tuesday) and so it's about time to cross your fingers and make good with whatever god you believe in.

Our Hornets have a 0.6% chance of landing the top spot, and a 2.2% chance of scoring a top three pick (source). While those odds seem slim, consider that they are still significantly better than the odds of me getting laid even once this month.

Kevin Durant and Greg Oden, alphabetically

The big prizes in the Lottery are of course Greg Oden and Kevin Durant. There's a bunch of other guys beyond them whose names I kinda recognize. I'm sure they can all make layups and knock down the odd free throw.

Now, the Hornets have defied the odds before and sneaked up the charts on Lottery day. They leap-frogged six other teams back in '92 to snag the second pick and a dude named Alonzo Mourning. Then, in '99, George Shinn made a deal with the devil and the Hornets landed the third pick, depite being the only team in the Lottery with a winning record (26-24 in the lockout-shortened season). That pick did of course become Baron Davis, which was nice for a while.

Apparently this whole Lottery dealio is no longer televised (correct me if I'm wrong), so we'll just have to rely on this here trusty internet for the updates tomorrow. Word on the street is the whole thing gets underway at 8pm Eastern in Secaucus, New Jersey. Chad Shinn will be there wearing his best shoes and pants.

Oh and hey, don't let the suspense kill you because I can reveal right now what's going to happen. We'll end up with the 13th pick in the first round and the 43rd pick in the second. Our first rounder will get little to no PT next season no matter how decent he is (thanks, Coach), while our second rounder gets busy following James Lang, Tim Pickett and Brandon Bass down that boulevard of broken dreams.

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