Know your Hornets: Playoff edition

Lo and behold, a brand new post. Even though our Hornets didn't make the Playoffs, we're going with the P-word theme for the latest Hornets trivia thingy. Nothing else made much sense. Here come the question marks…

  1. Which player is credited with scoring the most points against the Hornets in a single Playoff game?
  2. How many times have the Hornets been swept out of the postseason?
  3. Which player has appeared in the most Playoff games for the Hornets?
  4. Which Hornets head coach had the best Playoff winning percentage?
  5. True or false: The Hornets have never won a Playoff series in which they trailed.
  6. What is the Hornets all-time record in Game 7's?
  7. Who did the Hornets beat to win their last Playoff series?
  8. If the Hornets were leading 3-0 in a Playoff series, and held a 25-point lead with three minutes left in the fourth quarter of Game 4, would Byron Scott play Linton Johnson?

And to finish, we have this extra special non-Playoff bonus question: Which Hornet celebrates his birthday today?

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