Half-assed Preview: Clippers @ Hornets

Published: April 10, 2007

After six months of mediocre highs and vomit-inducing lows, the Hornets' whole season pretty much comes down to tonight's game against the Clippers in Oklahoma City. If we win, the Playoffs remain a very realistic possibility. Should we lose, well, we're screwed.

Elton Brand looks for something

The Clippers got beat in Dallas last night, 86-96, while them Golden State Warriors went apeshit and beat the Jazz, 126-102. That puts G-State percentage points ahead of the Clips in the standings, so as of right now the Warriors have the eighth and final Playoff spot. Best case scenario, we beat the Clippers tonight, putting us just a game behind the Warriors, who don't play again until Friday at Sacramento.

Like the Hornets, the Clips are pretty beat up right now. Shaun Livingston and Sam Cassell are definitely out, while Tim Thomas suffered a wrist injury last Saturday but he will try play tonight.

The Clippers have lost their past two after winning three in a row. Corey Maggette and his freakishly long right leg have scored at least 22 points in their last three games, while Elton Brand is a 20-10 threat on any given night.

For the Hornets, Tyson Chandler will be a game-time decision tonight. Chris Paul should be good to go.

We're 0-2 against the Clips this season. Last meeting they beat us without CP back in January, 100-90. We'll see these guys again for the last game of the regular season next Wednesday out in LA. That game may or not matter by then.

In other news, the idea of the Oklahoma City Sonics seems to have taken a big blow yesterday.

Tip tonight is at 7pm Central. Linkage and I'm outta here.

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