Random Shizzle: Uninspired edition

Published: April 9, 2007

Couple things…

  • The Hornets beat the T-Wolves on Saturday behind a super-fantastic effort from Chris Paul. He was like a black Leonidas out there.
  • We've crept to within two games of the Clippers, the very same team we play tomorrow at the Ford Center. The great news is that the Clips play in Dallas this evening, so hopefully the Mavs will chew 'em up, spit 'em out, and we'll kick their swollen asses tomorrow.

    Full standings here.

  • With just two regular season games left in Oklahoma City, there's lots of reminiscing going on over at NewsOK.com. Reminiscing of the nostalgic variety. I haven't read much of it because I promised myself I wouldn't cry.
  • This last bullet point is reserved for a non-existent important announcement.

Man, this blogging is getting tough. Someone come over to my house and give me a kick up the ass. I'm feeling uninspired. Middle of a Playoff race and I'm feeling uninspired. I'm a big big schmuck.

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