Desmond Mason broke his face

So the results of Desmond Mason's CT scan are in and it turns out he has a broken face. More specifically, he has a broken nose and a fractured cheekbone after colliding with Chris Wilcox's elbow on Wednesday. He may require surgery to fix the snout.

Ever the warrior, Mase should be good to go against the Suns later today if he's permitted to wear the neccessary headgear…

Mase. Helmet.

Joking aside, it looks like Mason may have played his last game as a Hornet. He's out indefinitely, and with Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler also banged up, the Playoff dream is about as realistic as a leprechaun. That leaves us with just seven more games this season. I don't think Mase will be available for any of them.

So, have we seen the last of Desmond Mason in teal? I can see the Hornets trying to re-sign him this summer, but you know some other team is going to throw more money at him than we can offer.


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