Random Shizzle: NCAA edition

A small dose of trivia further down, but before we get to that…

  • Marcus Vinicius scored 28 points for the Tulsa 66ers yesterday. Last Friday he scored 33 and on Saturday he had 27 and 10 rebounds. Not too shabby.
  • This coming Friday, the 66ers will wear Hornets jerseys for their home closer. Ok then.
  • Interesting video over on NewsOK.com today. Dean Blevins of News9 tells us how the Hornets "can't seem to make up any ground on the field," how George Shinn is a super nice guy, and how he thinks the Hornets will be back in Oklahoma City. And he ain't talking long term, folks. He's talking short term. Very short term. Possibly.
  • Standings. The Warriors and Nuggets both won last night, so that's a kick in the pants. Dallas lost to the Suns, though, so we're now only 28 games behind them. Yay.

I was going to do a full-on Know Your Hornets today, but, you know, I didn't. I do have one question for you, though, and given the day that's in it, we'll focus on the college game. That Alma Mater Battle I mentioned in the previous post involved pitting the Alma Maters of the Hornets' players and coaches against each other. The last one standing in the Tourney would be deemed the winner. Fantastic concept, I know.

My question is this: Who would have won the battle this year?

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