Know your Hornets

Published: March 12, 2007

Let's forget about how bad the Hornets have been playing lately and do the trivia thing…

  1. Which team recently dropped two four-point plays on the Hornets in the same game?
  2. Which team drafted Tyson Chandler?
  3. Who the hell is Doug Thornton?
  4. With the Hornets out of town, what was happening at the Ford Center this past weekend?
  5. What number is Marcus Vinicius wearing down in the D-League?
  6. Which Hornet got his chance in the NBA after winning a streetball tournament?
  7. Complete the sequence: Bogut, Williams, Paul, Williams, Felton… ?

Answers on a postcard to Ron Hitley,, c/o The Internet. Or, just use the comments.

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