Half-assed Preview: Hornets @ Suns

Published: March 9, 2007

Back in action. Hornets at Suns tonight at 8pm. A win would do wonders for my personality. A loss might drag me back to the dark side. Real quick…

Steve Nash. He's good he is.

I'm not really feeling the whole bulleted preview thing today. You all know the Suns are great. Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, Amaré Stoudamire and all those interchangeable dudes on the wing. They run fast, they score a lot, they're named after the bright thing in the sky, yada yada yada.

Instead of the random details, let's focus on the only thing that really matters: Can the Hornets win this game?

Well, despite the Suns having a super-fantastic 47-14 record, there's some reason to believe the Hornets can indeed win tonight. From today's Arizona Republic:

An 8-1 record masks the Suns' weightier issues since the All-Star break. The wins are fool's gold because Phoenix has seen tempo and drive taper off… Concentration drops with big leads or when facing inferior teams.

Hey, the Hornets sport opposing teams big leads all the time, and we're inferior to at least half the League; Concentration will be at an all-time low for the Suns tonight!

Seriously though, I had loads more written but none of it made sense. Thinking about these Hornets for too long isn't healthy. I'm two steps from becoming Jack Torrance. Linkage…

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