Half-assed Preview: Hornets @ Nuggets

The Hornets begin a three game trip in Denver today. We've got stops in Phoenix and Utah later in the week, so anything resembling a win right now would make me feel all floaty-like.

Dem Nuggets

Mr. Mayberry takes a good look at the Nuggs in today's Oklahoman. Adding to that…

  • Denver are 28-29 on the season, currently good enough for a Playoff spot and a 1.5 game lead over our Hornets in zee standings. The Nuggets are 15-16 at home.
  • The Hornets have won both of their meetings with Denver so far this season. There was the 99-89 decision in OKC in late December, when Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith were both suspended and the Hornets had more injuries than a bombed hospital. Then there was that 2OT thriller a month ago, in which Desmond Mason done picked the ball up and stuck it in the ring thing at the buzzer. Game, Hornets.
  • Denver pivot Marcus Camby missed both those games due to injuries of some sort, but he's back now. He averages about 11 points, 12 rebounds and an NBA-best 3 blocks.
  • If the Hornets win tonight's game, they clinch the tie-breaker against the Nuggets. These two teams will square off once more in the final week of this season which we call regular.
  • So while those results were well and good, it does mean the Nuggets will be pumped for this one. Luckily, they've been struggling lately, losing five of their last seven. Their most recent game was last Friday, when they lost at home to the Rockets, 97-108.
  • Anthony and Iverson. Iverson and Anthony. The pairing hasn't been working real good, as the Nuggs are just 4-8 with both those faces in the lineup, and 14-20 since AI came to town. They should probably cut their losses and trade Carmelo to us for Marc Jackson and a couple of draft picks.
  • Despite the slow start to his new chapter, Iverson is saying he wants to finish his career in Denver, which is what he used to say about Philadelphia.
  • JR Smith won't be under the basket for any Desmond Mason layups this time around. He's doing the chill thing after getting a knee sliced open two weeks ago. He's been using his free time to start up a plumbing business.
  • The Nuggets are 0-19 when they score less than 100 points, so you figure the Hornets would do well to play some defense tonight. 

So, if the Hornets lose this one there's a very real possibility that we'll be dealing with a five-game losing streak by next week. I've already begun preparing myself for just such a scenario. Every morning I pay a crack whore down on the corner to scream abuse at me for five minutes while stamping on my nuts with a stiletto. Works like a charm.

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