Know your Hornets

Published: February 19, 2007

Wake your brain up. It's trivia time…

  1. Which Hornet has a sister named Glacia serving in the Army?
  2. Who the hell is Jerome Duplooy?
  3. Whose foot did Chris Paul step on to injure his ankle this season?
  4. Which Hornet has a puppy named Bubba?
  5. Junior Harrington, who played 29 games for the Hornets in 2004-05, was recently picked up by the Memphis Grizzlies. What's his real first name?
  6. What's the Hornets record in OT games this season.
  7. Tyson Chandler has pulled down at least a dozen rebounds in the Hornets' last twelve games, a new franchise record. Who held that record before Tyson?
  8. Which Hornet averages the most free throw attempts per game this season?
  9. Who is the only player to have represented the Hornets three times in the All-Star game?

To ensure there's no cheating unfair advantage this time, I've contacted Google and asked them to shut down their searchy thing for the next two days. They have agreed, so no point going there for the answers.

That is all.

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