Half-assed Preview: Hornets @ Grizzlies

Published: February 13, 2007

With the Clippers losing to the Pistons last night, the Hornets will have some extra incentive to beat the Grizzlies this evening in Memphis. Should they do so, they be tied with L.A. for the eighth-best record in the Western Conference, which is pretty fucking cool seeing as how I, asshole that I am, was writing this team off not three weeks ago.

Also last night, the Warriors and Nuggets squared off in Denver, which was great because one of them had to lose, thus aiding the Hornets' cause. The Nuggs emerged the victors, 123-111, but they lost Carmelo Anthony to a bruised right thigh and JR Smith was doing his utmost to piss off George Karl by launching three-pointers from Idaho. G-State's Baron Davis missed the game and will likely miss a lot more as he's due to undergo knee surgery today, which is both unprecedented and shocking.

Oh, and the Clippers' Elton Brand missed that Pistons game with back spasms. Other teams could do worse than follow the Hornets' ingenious strategy for dealing with injuries, which is to get everybody hurt early in the season so it's out of their system down the stretch. It's like your parents sending you over to play with the kid with chickenpox way back when.

No point talking much about the Grizzlies today since nothing has changed since we saw them on Saturday. For all you Leonard Shelby's out there, check out our preview and recap from that game.

So, let's talk about other more important stuff, like how to spell the abbreviated version of Memphis' moniker. I spell it "Grizz", lots of people spell it "Griz." I was sure my way was better because not only is the full-length version spelled with two zees but also because "buzz" is spelt with two zees and that word's been around since the buzzer was invented which was, like, ages ago. But then you see the Commercial Appeal spell it with a solitary zee and I'm sure they went to school for stuff like that so I can't really disagree with them.

You know?

Other games you should know about today include Sacramento at Houston and Dallas at Milwaukee. The Kings are just a game behind the Hornets in the standings, while the Mavs are now only 18 games ahead. We're coming for you, bitches!!

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