The Hornets beat the Grizzlies

Published: February 11, 2007

It was nice for once to see the Hornets play like you know they should against a weak opponent. There was never really any doubt last night against the Grizzlies. Our guys never trailed and led by double figures for most of the second half, winning 114-99. Chris Paul had 23 points and 11 assists, Tyson Chandler had another double-double, and yada yada yada.

Someone had to say it

I'm not going to spend much time breaking this one down. Like Walter Sobchak once said, "shomer fucking shabbos." Besides, there's already a doublewhammy of notes and observations over at the Official. But since you dropped by today, let's dance the random shizzle dance…

  • Linkage for the Grizz game: box | recap | video
  • The Kings and Nuggets both won last night, so not much has changed in the standings.
  • John Rohde notes that Hornets trainer Terry Kofler has been selected to the Western Conference All-Star team as head trainer. That's great and everything, but who the hell does the voting? How would an impartial observer know how good Kofler is compared to, say, the Raptors trainer?

    This is really going to bug me. I'll email Rohde about it or something. Watch this space.

  • Israel Gutierrez of the Miami Herald thinks the Hornets, Kings and Raptors will be hot down the stretch.
  • That's Grizz coach Tony Barone pictured above, by the way. He's the one on the left.
  • An entertaing read about Hilton Armstrong and his most embarrassing moment. My most embarrassing moment was pissing my pants in the third grade. It wouldn't have been so scarring an experience except I was surrounded by a dozen pointing and laughing fourth grade girls at the time. Whores.
  • Russel Crowe hates cheerleaders. Hence, I hate Russel Crowe.
  • Gotta love this picture of Tyson Chandler fouling two guys at once. Very economical.

That'll do it. The Hornets are back bruising the hardwood on Tuesday in Memphis, meaning they now have their first two-day break in three weeks. Apparently they have been given today off, no practice.

Shomer fucking shabbos, indeed.

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