Random Shizzle: Think of a title later edition

Published: February 2, 2007

The Hornets wrap up their big long homestand today when they take on the Minnesota Timerwolves at the Ford Center. Byron Scott had some choice words for his guys in today's papers, calling the team "very immature" and criticizing the individual lack of effort.

Bored again

Can't say I blame Byron. If he's feeling half as frustrated as I am with this team, he's halfway to a nervous breakdown. Here's the latest shizzle…

  • The T-Wolves are one of our main rivals for that last mystical Playoff spot. They're currently 22-23 on the season (9-14 on the road), and 3.0 games ahead of the Hornets in the standings.

    They had that big win over Phoenix on Monday, but have since lost at home to the 18-26 Kings, so who knows what to expect.

  • A Peja Stojakovic triple gave the Hornets a win in Minnesota back in November (refresh), although they got us back about a week later in OKC (not as refreshing). What ever happened to Peja anyway?

    Plenty of relevant Wolves linkage at the bottom of this funky post.

  • Gerry V makes a lot of sense in his latest post over at HornetsReport.com, while Bob Licht continues to overdose on the happy pills.
  • Byron Scott is shuffling the lineup again. Against the T-Wolves, he's planning on putting Devin Brown back in the starting five, pairing with CP3 in the backcourt. Rasual Butler will come off the bench. His thoughts on that?

    "I'm like a chameleon, baby. I just adapt to the situation."

  • I'm probably last to mention this, but Chris Paul is starring in a new ESPN commercial. It's probably one of the top 15 commercials I've ever seen Chris Paul in. Ah screw it, let's say top 10.
  • Gotta love the wording in this press release from Hornets.com

    On Monday, February 5, former Bobby and Dona Jackson are returning to Sacramento and are excited to share their passion for eradicating poverty in Africa. At 12 noon on the main floor of ARCO arena, the Bobby and Dona Jackson will talk to the media about how Sacramento can join them and help transform a destitute and AIDS ridden community.

    Former Bobby? The Bobby and Dona Jackson? It's like they got Bobby himself to write it.

    (You know I'm just kidding, Bob. Good to see players helping out the needy, although it may help more if someone fixes that link in the press release. It should point to here.)

  • The All-Star reserves were announced yesterday, and Chris Paul didn't make it, although he still has a chance. David Stern will pick two dudes to fill in for the injured Yao Ming and Carlos Boozer. It will be a travesty if Carmelo doesn't get the call.
  • What does George Bush have to do with the Hornets? Nothing, but Bill Ingram makes the connection anyways.

Right, that's me pretty much done. Tip is at 7pm Central. I'm predicting a win tonight. Actually, I'm predicting about three or four wins in a row. You know, just enough to get my hopes up again, before they go and lose to the LA Sparks or someone. They do it just to piss me off.


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