Bobby Jackson is blogging, or is he?

Something strange about Bobby Jackson's first blog over at It reads a bit weird all the way through, like it was written in a serious hurry, but what jumped out at me was the comments about Zach Randolph and the Blazers. Apparently penning this ahead of Monday's game against Portland, Bobby writes…

Our last game against the Blazers we held Randolph to only 12 points on 4 of 11 shooting. We won 102-86.

Blogging is for losers

Not sure what game you're talking about there, Bob. I seem to remember playing the Blazers twice this season before the latest meeting. The first game was that 27-point blown lead back in November, the Hornets losing 92-91. Z-Bo scored 31 points in that one. There was also the Dec. 27 game at Portland, which the Hornets again lost, 100-85. Randolph played pretty good then, too, scoring 26 points.

Also worth noting that Bojangles spells Rasual Butler's name wrong, twice. Just some simple mistakes? Or was this even written by Bobby Jackson? I don't know. I don't really care either, just bored here.

Leaving you with Bobby's fantastic analogy about all the injuries this season…

Its almost like you getting one cut on one arm, and as soon as you put a band-aid on it to stop the bleeding, you get a cut on your other arm and must take the band-aid from your original cut and put it on the most recent one, after while all the cuts bleed a little at a time, and I feel that’s what’s happening to us.

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