Tyson Chandler is a role model

Published: January 30, 2007

Found something interesting earlier. The following was buried deep in Sam Smith's column in the Chicago Tribune yesterday…

Lakers center Andrew Bynum said coach Phil Jackson told him to "watch how Tyson Chandler plays." Said Bynum, who grabbed a career-high 15 rebounds after watching the Chandler tapes: "He watches the ball and never stops moving. Sometimes I'm standing there and a guy will be leaning on me and get by me. So I tried to watch the ball and keep moving and hawk the ball."

Aww, our Tyson is all grown up.

While I'm here, might as well throw out a quick head-to-head: The table below compares the numbers of Chandler and Ben Wallace this season.

Tyson Chandler   Ben Wallace
41 G 43
33.2 MIN 34.1
7.0 PTS 6.5
.619 FG% .455
11.1 REB 10.1
1.76 BLK 2.12
18-24 W-L 24-19

Draw your own conclusions.

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