Know your Hornets

Published: January 22, 2007

Answers for the previous trivia gizmo are in the comments here. Now get cracking at this lot…

  1. Which Hornet has a brother named Jeremy balling at Gonzaga?
  2. Who the hell is Scott Cochran?
  3. Entering Tuesday's game in Philly, who was the last player to have a 20-10 game against the Hornets?
  4. What number did Byron Scott wear during his playing days with the Lakers?
  5. Who are Karin, Talor and Leah?
  6. Ahead of Tuesday's game, how many different starting lineups have the Hornets had this season? (No multiple choice, sorry.)
  7. The Saints' Marques Colston played his college football at Hofstra. Which 2005-06 Hornet attended the same school?

That'll do it. Comment away. And no googling this time, Mo!

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