The Spurs beat the Hornets

The Hornets lost to the Spurs last night, but as usual, I have F.A. time to throw out notes and thoughts on the game. Being a full-time veterinarian, sacrifices have to be made, sure you understand. Here's your linkage: box | recap | video | photos

Too much?

Real quick, David West and Bobby Jackson looked pretty damn good last night considering the time they missed. Even though the Hornets left San Antonio with an L, I feel like we're coming off a win because those two guys are back. Big boost right there.

And Chris Paul getting ejected? Crazy shit. According to the S.A. Express-News, all he said was "That's crazy," in reference to Desmond Mason's ejection. Next time he wants to disagree with the refs he should just unbuckle and flash some ass, maybe comment on the flirtatious nature of Mrs. Ref at the Christmas party. You know, make the crime fit the punishment.

Lakers-Hornets tonight at the Ford. Tip is at 7pm CT as usual. More linkage below. Look for the words underlined and in a different color. Dead giveaway.

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