Know your Hornets

Published: January 16, 2007

This latest edition of our trivia thing is all about Hornets' coaches. I'm talking past and present, heads and assistants. We'll do this in that oh-so-popular "Who am I?" style.

He's not one of the answers

So, yeah, get started…

  1. I have the best winning percentage of any Hornets head coach ever. I'm currently an assistant with the Detroit Pistons.
  2. Besides being in charge of the Hornets once upon a time, I've also been head coach of the Cavaliers and Nuggets. Last anyone heard, I was an assistant for the Sixers two seasons ago.
  3. I was a rebounding machine as a player, and my son, Stephen, is currently an assistant coach in Golden State.
  4. I won three Championships as a player with the Lakers, and my dislikes include JR Smith and unfolded arms.
  5. As a player in 1994, a Michael Cage elbow left me with a contusion of the upper spine. The doctors told me I'd never play again. I disagreed, and returned to the court just seven weeks after surgery.
  6. I wrote a pretty good weekly column for the Salt Lake Tribune last season. As a matter of fact, I might still write that column, but Ron hasn't bothered checking.

And that will do it. Answers by phone or in the comments. First one to answer 'em all correctly gets a job with the Hornets as chief medical officer. Salary negotiable, no experience necessary.

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