The Pistons whupped the Hornets

Published: January 5, 2007

Them Pistons are like elephants; they never forget. As a friend of mine once said though, "Of course elephants never forget. All they have to remember is eat the green stuff and shit on everything else!"

I'm not sure how that fits in with anything, but the fact is the Hornets got crucified on their home court last night. The final score was 92-68, which would be the fewest points in a game this season for the hosts.

I knew a man caled Bojangles and he danced for me...

News and notes and stuff…

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  • Bobby Jackson did indeed suit up and play last night, not that it made much of a difference to the outcome. He entered the game midway through the first quarter, ended up playing 10 minutes (all in the first half), and had 7 points on 3-of-5 shooting. He didn't appear overly hesitant either, with two of his baskets coming off drives.

    More importantly, this teaches us never to trust Darnell Mayberry's gut.

  • As I said yesterday, if the Hornets were going to lose, they'd be better off losing in a blowout so the bench could see some significant minutes. Hilton Armstrong and Brandon Bass did get 12 and 9 minutes respectively against Detroit, but neither was very impressive.

    Linton Johnson and Marky Vinicius didn't get any burn at all. The Hornets did call a timeout with six minutes remaining and the score at 81-63, but I'm guessing Byron didn't clear the bench then because we were just six Jannero Pargo triples from being right back in it.

  • The Mighty MJD over at the Pistons NBA Fanhouse live-blogged the first and second half, because he's thorough like that. Best observation from that came in the second half:

    I know the Hornets have a ton of injuries, and I know they don't have a lot of offensive options, but they keep going to Mason on the post, and I think he's scored one time.

    Welcome to our world.

  • Detroit Bad Boys has a game recap here, which coins the phrase "Pargo clause".
  • Rip Hamilton scored 17 points in the first quarter alone, and finished with 27 on 10-of-18 shooting. The Pistons bench got plenty of minutes and came up big with 40 points.
  • Impressive for the Hornets was pretty much nobody. Pargo scored 16, dished 6 and boarded 8, but he shot just 6-of-24 from the field, which is beyond awful. Baron Davis would even be ashamed of those numbers.

    Devin Brown bounced back from his poor showing against G-State with a solid 14-point, 8-rebound performance, while Tyson Chandler snagged 16 rebounds and displayed All-Star-caliber offensive game by also scoring three points.

    Rasual Butler shot 1-of-10 for three points, apparently suffering from flu-like symptoms. (Why is it always "flu-like symptoms" and never just "the flu?")

  • Everybody's favorite journalist, Berry Tramel, states the obvious.

The next Hornets game is against the Pacers tomorrow, again at the Ford Center. That first win of 2007 has to come sooner or later, right?

In other news, you can now vote to send one of three Honeybees to Vegas for the All-Star game. I haven't decided who to vote for yet. It will probably be either Talor or Karin, because I haven't dated the other one.

Ah yes, blogging has its little perks.

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