Half-assed Preview: Warriors @ Hornets

Published: January 2, 2007

Back from outer space and it's the Hornets-Warriors tonight at the Ford. First game of 2007 and fabulous old/new leather basketballs to play with.

What? I can lip read.

We've seen Hornets-Warriors three times already since November 1st, so this will be the final meeting between the teams this season. Let's hit that switch and flip to bullet-mode…

  • This is the beginning of a four-game homestand for the Hornets, which is definitely needed. They will play just five road games this month and another one in New Orleans, compared to eight on the road and two in New Orleans last month.
  • Jason Richardson will miss this game and many others because he broke his hand on Saturday against Sacramento.
  • J-Rich also missed the last Hornets-Warriors clash, which resulted in a 101-80 G-State win, so I guess his absence doesn't mean much. You may remember that was the game in which Desmond Mason went apeshit on offense before he lost a filling or something. Refresh.
  • The Warriors are currently 16-16 on the season, good enough for the eighth and final Playoff spot in the West. They've won four of their past six but are just 3-11 on the road this season.
  • Also out for the Gun Shot Wounds will be that Monta Ellis dude, who was tearing it up earlier in the season but has been grounded by a shoulder injury. Sucks for them, good for us.
  • To help ease their injury woes, the Warriors are turning to Sambuca. I've often done the same myself.
  • In that game at Sacramento on Saturday, the Warriors got blown out, 119-96. Baron Davis looks to have played terrible, finishing with 8 points and 4 assists. The formidable duo of Matt Barnes and Keith McLeod led G-State with 17 points each, but it was a balanced Kings' attack combined with the Warriors' worst shooting performance of the season that led to the blowout.
  • Apart from that last game, B-Diddy has been solid overall for the Warriors this season. He's averaging 21ppg, 8.5apg, 4.5rpg and 2spg so far, although his shooting percenatges remain suspect. He's also played 28 games already this season, which must be a career-high. Check his game log here.

So I figure this game is winnable for the Hornets, if for no better reason than I like typing the word winnable. Seriously though, the Warriors suck on the road, and if Baron can be contained we have every chance of starting 2007 with a W.

Tip is at 7pm. The Hornets' new year resolution? Don't get hurt. Linkage…

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