Desmond Mason is colorblind

Published: January 2, 2007

A few things knocking around my brain before Hornets-Warriors… 

This from the latest NBA Superlatives, where they ask a player (Desmond Mason in this case) a bunch of super-fantastic questions…

SexyBest uniforms in the NBA (besides the Hornets'): "I really like the Milwaukee Bucks' new green and red uniforms. Those are good colors."

Umm, no, they're not nice colors, Desmond. You're supposed to have majored in art or something. Didn't they teach color theory in OSU? Those Bucks' uniforms have been widely condemned as fugly since they were unveiled in the offseason. 

I don't know, maybe he was really really looking forward to Christmas when they asked that question.

(YAYSports! already nailed those Bucks unis months ago.)

And another thing, the last part of that interview suggests that the whole thing was conducted about a month or so ago. What, are they drip-feeding us content now?

I know I've blasted The Official before, but that site should be so much better given the access they have to the players and coaches.

Speaking of other Hornets' sites, those OKC Central dudes look to be giving up hope. It was fun while it lasted, guys.

Shit, almost game time. Later.

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