Know your Hornets

Published: December 22, 2006

It's been a while, so here's some brain scratchers…

  1. Who the hell is Brock Schnebel?
  2. Which team have the Hornets already played three times this season?
  3. As of this posting, who has more wins in December, the Hornets or the Saints?
  4. Who leads the Hornets in fouls per 48 minutes?
  5. Who's the odd one out: John Reid, Darnell Mayberry, John Rohde.
  6. Which Hornet has daughters named Skyy and Sarah?
  7. True or false: George Shinn stole Christmas.

First person with all the correct answers in the comments gets the honor of being the first person with all the correct answers in the comments. Nice reward, no?

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