Half-assed Preview: Hornets vs. Spurs in the Big Easy

Published: December 14, 2006

The Hornets are in New Orleans today to play the San Antonio Spurs. The game is being shown live on TNT, which is nice. I don't have much else to say by way of an intro, so let's just skip the foreplay and get at the good stuff…

Hell yeah.

  • The Spurs are the guys up atop the Southwest Division spitting down at the Hornets. Their 17-6 record is second-best in the NBA, and they've won six of their last seven. On the road this season, they have an NBA-best 9-3 record.
  • While all the above sounds impressive, the Spurs did lose to the Bobcats in November, so there's that.
  • At halftime of this one, the Hornets will be exactly a quarter way through the regular season, so feel free to have a little ceremony of some kind. Putting underwear on your head is always a good start.
  • As you know, West, Peja and Bojangles are still out for the Hornets. On the bright side, I think I've figured out what's up with D-West.
  • Leading the Spurs is of course Tim Duncan, who's averaging 21 and 10 in 34 minutes a game. Is it just me or is that uber-efficient?
  • Beyond Timmy, there's Tony Longoria, who's good for 19 points, 6 assists and one of these each night. Lucky little bastard.
  • The obligatory cheerleader link.
  • Lots of couldn't-care-less notes at the end of this game preview.

There will hopefully be a few things working in the Hornets' favor tonight. For one, they should have a great crowd behind them. Two, the Spurs are coming off a home game against the T-Wolves last night (game report here), so hopefully their legs will be shook. Three, there is no three, or four for that matter.

Tip is at 20:30 CT. I'll be leaving now.

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