Half-assed preview: Cavs @ Hornets

Published: December 11, 2006

Today's Hornets-Cavs game at the Ford Center will feature men playing basketball. That's about all we know for sure, because there's no telling which Hornets' team will show up. Could be the inspired squad we've seen take down the Pistons and Lakers on the road, or more likely the comatose bunch who done got blown out in Golden State and Seattle last weekend.

This is not Anderson Varejao

So, what hope do the Hornets have of grabbing a win before tangling with the Spurs and Mavs down in New Orleans? Read on…

  • The Cavaliers are currently sitting third in the Eastern Conference with a 12-7 record. They've won three of their last four, most recently a 107-75 whupping of the Pacers. Their last road game was disastrous, as they fell to the Wockets, 81-63.
  • There's this guy called LeBron James that plays for Cleveland, and rumor has it that he's good. He's averaging about 27, 7 and 7 for the season, and he's already the Cavs' 8th all-time leading scorer.
  • Larry Hughes missed ten games prior to that win over Indy. I'm guessing he was injured or something. He scored 8 points in 24 minutes against the Pacers.
  • Drew Gooden injured his nuts groin before the Pacers game on Saturday and didn't play. Anderson Varejao stepped in and dropped 13 points and 9 rebounds in his absence. Gooden is questionable for today's game, which I guess means that reporters are allowed to question him.
  • The Cavs have won seven straight against the Hornets, which (correct me if I'm wrong) must mean we've never beaten LeBron James. Man, that sucks.
  • Rookie Daniel Gibson has started the last two games for the Cavs. More importantly, it says here that his nickname is "Boobie".
  • And, of course, the Cavaliers have cheerleaders. No, not dancers. Cheerleaders.
  • As for the Hornets, they will of course be without David West, Peja Stojakovic, Bobby Jackson, Desmond Mason's filling and any kind of reliable scoring threat.

Now that you know all that, feel free to make an informed decision about who will win today's game. You may have noticed that I've narrowed it down to either the Hornets or the Cavs, but you're own your own from there.


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