The Bulls beat the Hornets

Published: December 2, 2006

Yeah, the Hornets got beat again, this time by the Bulls, 111-108. They're now 8-8 and riding a five-game losing streak. But it's not all bad news…

The Hornets actually put up a fight against Chicago. They managed to score more points in a game than the Saints. Chris Paul filled up the boxscore. Rasual Butler remembered what he gets paid for. Tyson Chandler made Ben Wallace look like Mia Wallace.

Nice forehead

Sure, a loss is a loss, but with all the injuries right now, I'm taking whatever silver lining I can find.

Ok, now that's over, we can return to our regularly scheduled bitch-fest. What sucks is that if the Hornets had played the previous four games like they played against the Bulls yesterday, they likely would have a couple more wins right now. What sucks even more is that the Hornets couldn't hit a free-throw if their lives depended on it. They missed 13 freebies against the Bulls and lost by three points. They're also the second worst free-throw shooting team in the League right now (What up, Baron!).

But yeah, it could be worse. No need for me to hit the hard liquor just yet. As for the news and notes, I had plenty written but Firefox crashed and this was all I had saved…

There's a lesson there somewhere.

The Hornets start a whopping four-day break today, so plenty of time to catch up on stuff tomorrow. Check back. 

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